Leila Youssefi

2021-12-13T20:02:33-08:00September 2, 2021|

Leila Youssefi is an LA-based Persian-American artist and an alumna of the College of Creative Studies at UC Santa Barbara. She currently works under the moniker “LvL Up Kid,” referring to the fantastical realm of “LvL Up!” Using symbolism and form as language, she investigates the dualistic nature between confidence and doubt. Her pieces explore both figurative and abstract landscapes of the mind by imagining them as whimsical cartoon creatures. Leila’s characters are seen in prismatic tableaux in which the self-confident “LvL Up Worm” battles the insidious, self-sabotaging “Imp.” By exposing this hindering dualism, the playful creatures aim to liberate us from ourselves.

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