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Mural by The Couto Brothers

Hello! Hi! You! Yes, You! Look Up!

Look up! features nine Los Angeles-based artists exploring the art of portraiture using paint, collage and mixed media.

Their art is a reaction to our current lifestyle, where virtual interactions and digital communication often replace real world interactions.

Artist Tree curator, Mandy Mitchell, an LA based contemporary artist and stylist, curated this show. The exhibit urges viewers to Look Up! and find real world connections, our mission to create community through cannabis.

More About the Artists

Monica Ahanonu.

Monica Ahanonu is a freelance illustrator working and living in Los Angeles. After a career in illustration at DreamWorks Animation, Monica transitioned to creating original artwork on a global scale.

She has worked with companies such as The New York Times, InStyle Magazine, Adidas, Sprite, Salvatore Ferragamo and more. Monica’s work honors black creatives, from fashion designers to music legends and other cultural icons. Her expressive portraits bring an extra dimension to each subject.

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Monica Ahanonu

Noah Emhurt.

Noah Emhurt is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work is a culmination of his surroundings and life experiences. He spent time living across the globe including Japan and New York.

Everything around him is an influence: music, magazines, billboards, conversations, and even the daily mail. Noah himself is usually blind as to where each piece will take him, and according to him, that’s exactly how he prefers it.

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Noah Emhurt

The Art of Chase.

The Art of Chase is known for his quirky and humorous paintings that create disruption in our day-to-day-lives. After moving to Los Angeles from Belgium in the 1990s to skateboard and see a raw city open to creation, he began his foray into the street art world, offering a new mode of communication through imagery and quirky text.

His determination, fueled by his mantra “where there’s a wall, there’s a way,” has given rise to international opportunities and over 400 murals worldwide.

The psychedelic, graphic and positive aesthetic of his work add to the urban landscape but also seek to create a dialogue between city inhabitants and within ourselves.

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The Art of Chase

Jake Vanden Berge.

Jake Vanden Berge is a multi disciplinary artist born and raised in Los Angeles. Focusing his work on the people he sees in his everyday life and the romanticizing of love and struggle.

The works on display in this exhibit are part of Jake’s current medium of chalk illustrations on wood panel, depicting the violent yet romanced vision of the lost American west.

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Jake Vandenberg

Claude Morais.

Claude Morais is the co-creative director behind the critically acclaimed WOLK MORAIS fashion brand. In addition to his work at WOLK MORAIS, Claude has created figurative based line drawings, paintings, pottery and hand hooked rugs for over a decade. This exhibit of Morais’s hand hooked rugs is the first time Morais has shown his fine artwork publicly.

WOLK MORAIS’ most recent collection made it’s way from the runway to the red carpet within days, appearing on talents including Cate Blanchett, Kendall Jenner, Julia Roberts, Janelle Monae, Constance Wu and Jessica Chastain.

Wolk Morais’ latest Collection #8 was conceived as a film that debuted at London Fashion Film Festival last month where it received two nominations including best film and won Best Fashion Film Advertisement.

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Claude Morais

Jay Shells.

Jason Shelowitz (aka Jay Shells) is an artist and graphic designer from New York. He graduated from Pratt with a Masters in Graphic Design and then apprenticed for Milton Glaser before embarking on a career in the arts.

The works in this exhibit showcase Jason’s unique pyrography —the art of burning images into wood. Jason uses a soldering iron and a pointilism technique to create doting, hyper-realistic portraits of ephemeral urban details, including mailboxes, building facades, and street typography.

These works have led to many successful collaborations with other artists who have brought color into the pieces. Jason’s pyrography series has evolved into multi-media works and he continues to collaborate with his peers, growing this body of work.

Jason’s first publicly-acclaimed street art campaign was The Metropolitan Etiquette Authority (MEA) in 2010, a series of original screen-prints containing subway and public behavior etiquette suggestions.

These projects were highly covered by mainstream and art media, and landed him in international newspapers, publications and on major television network news.

They also began to create a niche for Jason’s public work as an expert public communicator, with a message: be better and do better.


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Jay Shells

Cody The Creative.

Cody is mainly a painter of unconventional canvases. He believes that art can (and probably should) be everywhere. Cody takes the commonplace and gives it another life.

This exhibit showcases Cody’s collection of #PennyPopArt in which he either alters Abe’s appearance with acrylic paint using numerous methods, to turn him into iconic celebrities such as Mrs. Doubtfire, Audrey Hepburn, or even Popeye, or he paints over Abe altogether, replacing him with whomever or whatever he feels inspired by, (in this case, well known cannabis enthusiasts).

“I have always taken the roll of challenging the status quo, of making people think about things differently. When I was younger, I wasn’t aware this was a gift and it rarely worked out in my favor. I’ve learned from those experiences, and I’m now having nothing but fun with it!”

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Cody the Creative

Carling Manderville.

Carling Manderville AKA Amie Mitchell is an artist who started her career in the 1970s around the time she left NYC for Los Angeles, CA. Mitchell is using her nom de plume for this particular body of work exclusively.

The three pieces displayed in this exhibit are part of a total of 20 iconic images which include Garbo, Harlow and Spears to name just a few.

Inspired by the 1960s Pop Art movement of Warhol and Johns, Mitchell uses mixed media on a relatively small wood substrate to pack a lot of information. Unlike the distant way in which the 60’s pop art is viewed, Mitchell’s pop art portraiture is viewed interactively.

The spectator is meant to examine the information both front and back by handling the work and even using part of it, as in the case of Bob Dylan’s Harmonica. It is Mitchell’s reflection of the 21st century, whereby we can get information and examine everything up close and personal on the internet which lives in the palm of our hand.

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Carling Manderville

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