2022 Holiday Cannabis Gift Guide

Stundenglass Gravity Bong

For the Stoner Who Has it All

Puffco Proxy

The Puffco Proxy is a unique portable, modular vaporizer that provides broad flexibility for your cannabis consumption experience. Tradition meets innovation with an elegant, ergonomic glass pipe that cradles the Proxy’s unique removable base, allowing you to customize your experience with an ecosystem of compatible Puffco accessories. Pair it with some of our wide variety of concentrates for the perfect gift! The Puffco Proxy costs $299.99.

Elevated Yoga with Koan Cordials

For the Wellness Guru

Elevated Yoga with Koan Cordials

You could buy your wellness focused friend another batch of bath salts, or you could level up and take an elevated yoga class at The Artist Tree’s consumption lounge with sips from KOAN’s Cordials. They’re precision-calibrated cannabis-infused liquids focused around experiences like: create, calm, play, wonder, and delight. Perfect notes to hit when you’re in your next warrior pose. You can mix KOAN into your favorite beverages or sip them on their own. Dose as much or as little as you would like! Koran Cordials vary in price, while a ticket to The Artist Tree’s Elevated yoga classes start at $25.00.

Travis Scott’s Cactus Farms PYT Jack

For the Flower Connoissuer

Travis Scott’s Cactus Farms PYT Jack 1/8th

Travis Scott’s newest creation? A premium flower line in collaboration with Connected Cannabis Co. PYT Jack is a hybrid strain that leads towards the indica side. This strain smells of berries, pine, and a twinge of pungent gas. And it’s not just hype. PYT Jack delivers on potency, effect and flavor, making it the perfect gift for your most discerning stoner friend. 3.5g of PYT Jack costs $59.00.

Mystery Baking Infused Spreads

For Your Best Foodie Friend

Mystery Baking Infused Spreads

A true foodie needs more to reach cloud nine than the humble gummy. Enter Mystery Baking Infused Spreads, who serve up cannabis powered butter, honey, peanut butter, and chocolate hazelnut spread. Whether you make your own delectable treats with Mystery Baking, or merely serve up a 4/20 friendly version of Nutella on toast, Martha Stewart will need to watch her back for the new cook in town.

Tree Indoor Littles - Tree Lights

For Your Best Bud on a Budget

Tree Indoor Littles – Tree Lights

Wallet friendly weed can still smash, and smalls are the perfect way to get full flavored cannabis that doesn’t break the bank. You can proudly stuff them in any stocking, no sweat. These from The Artist Tree and stay on theme with the strain Tree Lights, sure to brighten any chilly winter nights. 3.5g of Tree Lights costs $24.00.

Highnstein Cross Joints

For the Luxury Lover

Cream of the Crop Fuji Apples 1/8th

An apple may not seem like an exciting luxe gift at first glance, but when you get the best and juiciest fruit your tune will change. Cream of the Crop is known for exquisitely crafted, top tier bud. Their Fuji Apples is a delicious and delectable choice that packs flavor and potency. With a super sweet, fruity apple inhale and a light cakes vanilla exhale, this cerebral sativa hybrid high is the perfect holiday treat for your posh pal. 3.5g of delicious flower from Cream of the Crop costs $58.00.

PuffCo Peak Pro

For the Weed “Wow” Effect

Highnstein Cross Joints

The double joint was once the stuff of legends in stoner comedies. Well, get ready to wow your friends & family with California’s first cannabis filled Pre-rolled Cross Joint. This unique gift contains 1.3 grams of top shelf flower and instructions for the best Cross Joint session. Plus you’ll get a pair of Highnstein’s glasses, aiding that journey to another world. Highnstein Cross Joints retail for $28.50.

Dr. Dabber Switch

For the Techies

Dr. Dabber Switch

Techies can be some of the toughest people to shop for. And a techie dabber? Yikes! Rather than scratch your head trying to research the perfect device, just pick up the Dr. Dabber Switch. Ultra powerful and built to last, it’ll be the last word in your techie’s rig setup for 2023 and beyond. The Dr. Dabber Switch retails for $375.00.

710 Labs Persy Rosin Vape

For the Outdoorsy Types

710 Labs Persy Rosin Vape

Cannabis and nature go hand in hand, but just because you’re in nature doesn’t mean you should settle for anything but the best. With the Persy Rosin Vape from 710 labs, you won’t have to. No distillate, no alterations, just natural, high terpene live resin that is discreet and travels well. The cost for 710 Labs Persy Rosin vapes varies by strain.

Highnstein Cross Joints

For Your Special Someone

Kush Queen Bath Bombs/Herve Macarons

If your sweetheart loves cannabis as much as you do, why not build them an experience that is head to toe indulgent. Start with Hervé Macarons, which are truly edible game changers that would be perfectly at home in any Parisian Patisserie. Top that off with a Kush Queen bath bomb (perhaps in their “Love” version) and let the magic happen. Kush Queen Bath Bomb’s range in price, while Hervé Macarons retail for a cool $19.00 and can be found at The Artist Tree’s WeHo location.

Philter Phrend Portable Smoke Filter

For the Homebodies

Philter Phrend Portable Smoke Filter

Baby, it’s cold outside, and we’ll all be puffing indoors soon. To banish the unwanted smell, give the gift of Philter’s Phrend Portable Smoke Filter. It’s made for the massive hit takers, with a snazzy mouthpiece that allows for a quicker, more efficient exhale and little to no odor. Another win? 100% of PHREND and PHREND packaging are either biodegradable, recyclable, compostable or reusable. The Philter PHREND retails for $35.00 with refills costing $30.00.