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A Hydro Store in a Weed Dispensary

One of the most important and beneficial aspects of cannabis legalization is…

From The Artist Tree Dispensary Family to Yours

Thanksgiving is here and at The Artist Tree Dispensary and Delivery service in West Hollywood, we’re celebrating with holiday colors. We revel in the soft, traditional Fall palettes of orange, red, and gold-colored table decorations, white and red wines, ...

The VIP Room

We started The Artist Tree dispensary and delivery service in West Hollywood as a warm, welcoming, and artistic environment while providing California’s best cannabis products. We are continually thinking about improving our customer experience, and we’re thrilled to announce the ...

710 Fest at The Artist Tree in West Hollywood, CA

Forty thousand people in the US languish in prison for cannabis convictions, even in states where cannabis is now legal. The Last Prisoner Project fights for releasing unfairly incarcerated prisoners serving time for non-violent cannabis crimes, many of whom ...

Tackling Covid-19 as a Dispensary in Hollywood, CA

In the last few months, the world has rapidly changed in response to an unprecedented global pandemic. Local, national, and global communities are struggling to deal with the financial and humanitarian impact of COVID-19. As essential business owners, we ...

Art, Cannabis and the LGBTQ+ Community in West Hollywood

Art, in its many forms, influences cultural perceptions and affects people personally. We treasure and embrace artists who share their talent, perspectives, and emotions in ways that we might not have contemplated. The existential beauty of art is that ...

Covid Friendly Dining Options in West Hollywood

Food is life. A satisfying meal can ease your mind and nourish your soul. In many ways, COVID-19 has redefined the notion of comfort food, and restaurant meals provide a sense of normalcy. Unfortunately, COVID-19 has been disastrous for ...

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