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What is The Artist Tree?

The Artist Tree is a cannabis dispensary, weed delivery, hospitality and retail group that provides unique experiences for cannabis enjoyment in West Hollywood and throughout Southern California. By fusing art with cannabis culture, we’re defining a new standard for art, learning, shopping, events and on-site enjoyment. There are currently ...

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Where to find an Artist Tree Dispensary Near Me

With 3 locations in LA county, The Artist Tree offers conveniently located dispensaries providing easy access to our unique cannabis boutiques. No matter where you are in Southern California there is most likely an Artist Tree Dispensary near you. We currently have dispensaries open in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and ...

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Marijuana Dispensaries in Los Angeles, West Hollywood and Beverly Hills

The Artist Tree delivers immersive experiences and one-of-a-kind destinations for cannabis throughout Los Angeles county. The Artist Tree is a state-licensed recreational marijuana dispensary and weed delivery. Our locations are easily accessible by pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit, and they are situated in prime locations in Beverly Hills, West Hollywood ...

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Do you sell clones or cultivation supplies?

Yes! Our West Hollywood dispensary has an interactive clone room, where visitors can view and interact with plants in various stages of growth. We sell teenagers, heartlets, seedlings, and feminized seeds from various nurseries. We also sell supplies for cultivation, such as the Dark Heart Easy Pot, nutrients, pots, and ...

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Can I eat edibles at The Artist Tree dispensary?

Yes…but not yet. Our current location at 8625 Santa Monica Blvd. is open for retail sales, but does not allow onsite consumption. Our upcoming West Hollywood restaurant and lounge locations will allow onsite smoking and edible consumption. The first is scheduled to open above our retail store in Fall 2021! ...

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Can I use a debit or credit card at your cannabis store?

The Artist Tree marijuana dispensary currently accepts payment via debit card and cash. Unfortunately, we do not currently accept credit cards due to federal restrictions on cannabis banking. Many patients and customers new to buying legal cannabis naturally assume that marijuana dispensaries accept credit and debit cards like any other ...

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