Contemporary American artist Jahlil Nzinga seeks to transform the art world from the inside out with his highly emotional visual art, avant-garde techniques, and an understanding that an artist cannot be separated from any component of his life-affirming work.

Nzinga understands his art to be the purest expression of himself. So improvisational is his work that he equates it to a passion murder—exploding with emotion and without constraint or premeditated design. Nzinga has no desire to instruct his audience by using literal imagery but instead calls his viewers to wonder, be provoked, and conjure individual interpretation and analysis of his often-surreal renderings.

Nzinga created a custom floor-to-ceiling mural in his trademark freehand style for The Artist Tree West Hollywood. The mural, positioned at the rear of the retail showroom and the entryway to the VIP shopping lounge, inspires viewers to examine each of Nzinga’s unique interpretations of the human face.