Backpack Boyz had a meteoric rise to success. Since their founding in 2017, Backpack Boyz has been a go-to source for next-level, drool worthy cannabis as well as original urban apparel. Based out of the San Francisco Bay Area, Backpack Boyz derive inspiration from the diversity and art around them to create bright, eye-catching designs in both their packaging and wearable fashion. 

The Boyz did it right-  they made sure to source new and unique cultivars for their in-house genetics. This quickly set them apart from a lot of other companies and made them exotic cannabis royalty! They specialize in sweet, dessert-like strains that hit heavy, so it’s really no wonder that connoisseurs needed no time to learn the Backpack Boyz name. With emphasis on quality over quantity, they quickly earned consumer’s trust with colorful buds that sparkle with trichomes. The flower is a perfect amount of sticky, leading many to say Backpack Boyz are also master curers.

Backpack Boyz uses local bay-area artists to design their eye-grabbing bags, geniusly creating a culture of treating the artful packaging as collectables. Supporting local artists while providing absolute gas is something Backpack Boyz and The Artist Tree have in common. That’s why we are so excited to feature some of Backpack Boyz products at The Artist Tree Koreatown!

For those of you scouring dispensaries to find Backpack Boyz exotics, The Artist Tree Koreatown Dispensary has got you covered. Currently K-town carries: Italian ice, M3, Scottie Pippen, Turron, and White Cherry Gelato. 

Keep in mind that the strains available in-shop are ever changing, reflecting Backpack Boyz strict quality control and constant genetic innovation.

Reliably heavy strains, surrealist art and fashion, as well as partnerships with sports stars and influencers has built a strong and loyal Backpack Boyz fan base. Come through our cannabis store in Korea Town and see what all the hype is about – we can’t get enough of this cannabis lifestyle brand.