We’ve all been there. You’re hanging out with some friends chatting, having a good time, mindlessly eating an edible, and before you know it you’ve slunk so far down into the couch you might as well be on the floor. What went wrong? Are edibles just not for you?

Nope. You just ate too much!

Those edible gummies taste so great our reptilian brains subconsciously tell us to keep mindlessly eating, but a little goes a long way when it comes to edible cannabis products. Unlike smoking or vaping cannabis, whereby the THC goes straight into your lungs, the THC in edibles takes time to enter your bloodstream.

How long? Depends on your metabolism and how recently you last ate, but usually anywhere from an hour to two. Often people make the mistake of thinking an edible isn’t working and start eating more before giving their first dose a chance to work.

To have the best edible experience, we recommend breaking off a personalized dose and putting the rest away, before you eat anything.

Next, wait an hour. Otherwise you’re likely to end up stuck on the floor, unable to move, listening to the sound of your heartbeat drum about in your ears.

Once you start feeling the effects, they will continue to build, peaking approximately 2 hours after digestion. And you’re in it for the long haul. Edible effects typically last 4-5 hours, so plan ahead.

Many people, ourselves included, find edibles particularly helpful for getting a good good night’s sleep.

Know your dose: How much THC do I need?

Okay fine, I’ll wait after eating an edible, but how many milligrams of thc should I eat to get the desired effect? Well some personalized testing is required to answer this question. A lot depends on individual cannabis tolerance levels.

As long time cannabis users, but not particularly frequent users (1-3 times a week), our preferred dosage is 10 mg THC. Luckily, dosing is easy with California’s testing and labeling requirements for edibles.

All edibles must be partitioned into servings equal to 10 mg THC/CBD or less, and an entire edible package can’t ever contain more than 100 mg. Check the packaging to figure out what constitutes a “serving.” It varies from edible to edible.

Below is a handy chart from Leafly that breaks down dosage by the desired effect:

At The Artist Tree, we have one of the largest edible selections in all of Los Angeles. Here’s a breakdown of dosages for some of our most popular edibles:

  • Cannabis Quencher Drinks: 2 mg per capful
  • Cannabis Quencher Fruit Sparks: 5 mg per piece
  • Coda Signature Fruit Gummies: 5 mg per piece
  • Coda Signature Chocolate Bar: 5 mg per piece
  • Dosist dose dial: 3.75 mg per piece
  • Camino Gummies by KIVA: 5 mg per piece
  • Kaneh Co. Brownies: 10 mg per piece
  • KIVA Confections Chocolate Bars: 5 mg per piece
  • Oasis Gummies: 10 mg per piece
  • Petra Mints by KIVA: 2.5 mg per piece
  • PLUS mints: 2.5 mg per piece
  • Terra Bites by KIVA: 5 mg per piece
  • Wana Gummies: 10 mg per piece

What’s in an edible?

Okay you’re intrigued, but how are edibles made? Well edibles are made by infusing traditional food ingredients with concentrated cannabis, usually in the form of an extract like distillate or a cannabis infused oil or butter (think coconut butter, olive oil, or butter).

Edible manufacturers skillfully combine the concentrated cannabis with other non-cannabis ingredients to deliver a tasty edible, infused with THC, CBD, CBN or some combination of the three.

How do edibles work: From belly to buzzed

After you eat an edible, it is digested in your stomach and then your small intestines and liver, where the fat cells containing THC and other cannabinoids are absorbed into the bloodstream. Edibles take approximately 1 hour to take effect – so, as we mentioned earlier, be patient!

Some edibles, like LEVEL tablinguals or dosist dose dial tablets, deliver THC/CBD/CBN sublingually through your tongue, resulting in a much quicker and less intense effect. Eating edibles on an empty stomach results in a stronger high, similar to drinking on an empty stomach.

Great, thanks for the science lesson, but what do edibles feel like?

Compared to smoking cannabis flower or a vape cartridge, which results in a brain high that lasts for about an hour, eating a marijuana edible results in a full body high that lasts for several hours. From your toes to your fingers, you will feel general relaxation and tingling throughout your entire body, with effects varying based on the type of edible you eat.

Edibles are ideal for consumers who don’t want to smoke cannabis for health reasons, who want to be discreet, or who just want to eat something yummy! All edibles sold at The Artist Tree are lab tested to ensure they are pesticide free, and tested by our staff to ensure that they are delicious.

Types of edibles

You can find edibles in a myriad of forms from gourmet chocolates to infused teas and even wine. At The Artist Tree, we have edibles to satisfy all your cravings, whether you want something savory (like pretzels), sweet (granola, chocolate, cookies, gummies, etc.), or just easy to consume (tablets and capsules).

If you aren’t looking for the typical THC high, we have many CBD, CBG, and CBN dominant edibles for health, wellness and medicinal needs, such as LEVEL CDG Protabs, LEVEL CBD Tablinguals, Papa + Barkley CBD Releaf Capsules, and Petra by KIVA CBD mints.

These edibles provide pain relief, sleep aid, anxiety relief, stress relief, and more. In particular, cannabis edibles can be a healthy and effective substitute for addictive painkillers. With proper product experimentation, you can customize exactly the ratio of THC, CBD, CBD, or CBN that works best for you and your body.

Whatever your personal needs, we highly recommend experimenting with edibles and finding an effect that enhances your life. Whether you want to spend an uplifting day experiencing the arts and enjoying life, or you’re just looking for a good night of sleep, there’s an edible for that.