The Artist Tree and our Cannabis-Infused Beverages – A perfect match, redefining the edible game.

If you’re a fan of cannabis-infused products, or just looking for a new and unique way to consume THC and CBD, then you’ll want to check out what our dispensary has to offer.

At The Artist Tree, we curate cannabis products, art installations, and community events that celebrate exploration and creativity. It’s a gathering space designed for locals, visitors, enthusiasts, and newbies to explore art and culture through the lens of cannabis. We are serving up some of the best edibles in the game, including a wide variety of cannabis beverages. 

Becoming more conscious of the effects alcohol has on your body? We have a solution for you. 

Skip the cocktail and sip on a cannabis-infused beverage instead. You’ll have all the creative and social benefits without any of the hangover woes. 

The Best Cannabis-Infused Beverages Served At The Artist Tree

Cannabis beverages offer a quick onset and absorption, allowing consumers to feel the effects much quicker than other types of edibles. 

New to edibles? We have some light “microdosable” options. Are you an experienced stoner in need of something a little heavier?

Don’t worry, we have you covered as well. We thought long & hard about which beverages would guide our customers to unique and new highs – here is what we came up with.