New Year’s Eve is almost here and with that comes a bunch of fun festivities. Whether you’re hosting an extravagant party, attending an event where you want to impress the host, or chilling at home, The Artist Tree Cannabis Dispensary & Weed Delivery locations can help you ring in 2023 hangover free

Founders Blend No.1 (75mg)

Artet is a staff & customer favorite. This NYE we want to highlight their Founders Blend No.1 which is a seasonal and limited blend! With a sweet & piney flavor profile, this potent live resin blend will impress your guests. The bottle makes a beautiful gift or a delightful feature on any bar cart. This cannabis “spirit” can be enjoyed straight or mixed into a beverage of your choice.

2:1 Pomegranate Green Tea

Partying on the go or need something you can consume discreetly? Consider adding Atlas 2:1 Pomegranate Green Tea. Simply pour this 10mg powder into a drink of your choice and elevate on the go! The natural tartness of pomegranate blended with notes of earthy green tea is a perfect blend of sweet & sour with a floral aroma.

Julius 7g

Looking to be the life of the party and share some absolute fire? Bring 7 grams of FloraCal’s powerful and stress relieving bud. Roll blunts, pack a bong and puff puff pass your way into 2023. The effects of FloraCal’s Julius strain are powerful and take over quickly, much like the conqueror it is named after. FloraCal is known for its small batch artisanal flower. This premium quality bud is sure to delight your taste buds and relax the senses for a very happy New Year.

El Blunto
Red Runtz 4 Pack

Experience the world’s finest cannabis cigarillos from El Blunto. With full flower nugs that are broken down by hand and rolled in a tobacco free hemp wrap, El Blunto delivers an impressive smoke. Each cigarillo features a glass filter tip, so you’ll experience a luxurious smoke whether you are going out or staying in.

Real Deal Resin
Lemon Sour Live Hash Rosin

Real Deal’s Lemon Sour strain has a poignant garlic skunk scent with citrus notes. Once consumed you are hit with light fruit expressions. Bring your favorite dab rig or pair with a Dr. Dabber for a supreme hit to ring in the new year.

Stop by one of our local dispensaries and ask one of our knowledgeable staff members for assistance in finding the perfect party items for your New Year’s celebration!