Forty thousand people in the US languish in prison for cannabis convictions, even in states where cannabis is now legal. The Last Prisoner Project fights for releasing unfairly incarcerated prisoners serving time for non-violent cannabis crimes, many of whom are people of color. There are several ways to fight for social justice, including raising awareness through social movements and events. In July, Hazy LA, Los Angeles-based creative and event production company, hosted their inaugural 710 Festival, a virtual, 12-hour, live-streamed extravaganza. The 710 Fest combined music, cannabis, art, and a charity fundraiser into a unique experience that viewers enjoyed from the comfort of their living rooms. Most importantly, the Fest’s organizers donated all the proceeds to the Last Prisoner Project.  


In cannabis culture, the number 710 is an inside joke for “OIL” by inverting the letters and turning them upside down. In a similar way that cannabis aficionados celebrate “420” on April 20th, “710” celebrates cannabis oil concentrates on July 10th. The first of its kind 710 Fest featured ten epic DJ sets filmed at different locations across Los Angeles, including our favorite spot, The Artist Tree Dispensary and Delivery Hollywood. During the Fest, behind-the-scenes videos provided intimate access to the DJs and various California cannabis brands who sponsored this aspirational event. 

The 710 Festival included performances from OOKAY, Carter Cruise, JSTJR, Professor Moses, Cristy Lawrence, and more in one-hour sets from 12 pm to 12 am. Streaming worldwide, the festival caught the attention of people in 41 states and 45 countries. The stream also offered viewers in California exclusive deals and discounts for merch, products, and delivery from The Artist Tree’s West Hollywood location. 

A Rare Talent in the House

As a special set for The Artist Tree, JSTJR came into the store after-hours for an exceptional performance surrounded by cannabis plants inside our unique cultivation cube. Having played around the world at festivals like EDC, Beyond Wonderland, and Brownies & Lemonade, JSTJR filled the room with throwback jams and wall-shaking trap basslines. We were vibing along as Hazy’s team captured the moment from all different camera angles showcasing the store in a way that had never been done before. 

Other sets featured locations on rooftops, in warehouses, private homes, and in a unique garage housing an exotic race car. The lineup featured many different musical styles, ranging from electronica to deep house, psychedelic, disco, and classic dance music. Music, combined with information about cannabis brands, grow tours, product demos, and a walkthrough of our West Hollywood dispensary, delivered high-quality entertainment while engaging viewers with poignant social justice messages. 

We loved celebrating the 710 holiday and offering our delivery service to local viewers. The memorable experience brought positivity to people throughout the day, and we were thrilled to take part. If you didn’t get a chance to see it live, or you want to relive your favorite sets, you can watch it all here. Trust us ⎼ you’ll want to watch them over and over!