Cannabis Infused Beverages At The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree and our Cannabis-Infused Beverages - A perfect match, redefining the edible game. If you're a fan of cannabis-infused products, or just looking for a new and unique way to consume THC and CBD, then you'll want ...

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Cannabis Deals

Alien Labs and Connected Cannabis Co.

You can’t mention soccer without Messi or Renaldo, just like you can’t mention cannabis without Alien Labs and Connected Cannabis Co. These popular cannabis companies are some of the most renowned top-shelf cannabis brands in California and are available ...

Five Common Myths About Marijuana

Misconceptions about cannabis consumption continue to be one of the biggest barriers to widespread cannabis normalization. From the mid 1900’s until only recently, the “reefer madness” mentality has grown, exacerbated by the War on Drugs in the 70s. Although ...

710 Labs – Live Rosin

Flower is the staple of most cannabis lovers, and our Guides, such as Joaquin from The Artist Tree Marijuana Dispensary in West Hollywood, can show you tons of great products to fill your flower needs.  But sometimes you want to ...

Kurvana Vape Cartridges

For this installment of our Product Highlights, Gia, one of our guides at The Artist Tree Dispensary and Weed Delivery in West Hollywood, talks about her love of Kurvana vape cartridges. Kurvana truly creates a premium vape cartridge experience. From the ...

Top 10 Things To Do in Beverly Hills

Whether you live near Beverly Hills or you’re just exploring, there’s an abundance to do in the world’s most famous zip code. This eclectic and luxurious neighborhood has activities for anyone. Spoil yourself for the day at the many ...

Top 10 Thing To Do in Los Angeles this Summer

Whether you’re an Angeleno or you’re just visiting, there are hundreds of things to do in this huge metropolitan area. From indoor activities to a variety of outdoor destinations, there are countless places to discover and explore. The City ...

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