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Five Common Myths About Marijuana

Misconceptions about cannabis consumption continue to be one of the biggest barriers to  widespread cannabis normalization. From the mid 1900’s until only recently, the “reefer madness” mentality has grown, exacerbated by the War on Drugs in the 70s. Although ...

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10 Reasons to Hang Out in Koreatown

Looking for a fun place to explore in Los Angeles? Koreatown is one of the city’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, with an array of mouthwatering food options, unique shopping and entertainment. It’s a diverse area full of beautiful tradition fused ...

Celebrate Pride Month In LA With The Artist Tree

Celebrate Pride Month In LA With The Artist Tree The Artist Tree is excited to celebrate Pride Month with our local community. We regularly work with local LGBTQ+ artists to showcase their art and work on content collaborations. But ...

The Art Within The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree is more than just a cannabis dispensary. We extend into a creative outlet for local artists to showcase and sell their work. When you shop at our stores, you get a greater experience than just buying ...

Caring for Your Cannabis Clone with The Artist Tree

The Artist Tree Dispensary and Weed Delivery supplies a wide variety of cannabis clone plants at all phases of development, from feminized seeds, to seedlings to more mature clones. We make it easy for you to find a plant ...

Meet a Budtender: Christian Kent

At The Artist Tree Dispensary and Weed Delivery, we aim to be more than your regular cannabis dispensary. We seek to curate the customer experience. Our budtenders, aka Guides, are your connection to the world of weed in Los ...

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