There are so many ways to go green this April. Of course, 4/20 is everyone’s favorite day to blaze, but did you know that April is also Earth Month? Official Earth Day falls just two days after 4/20 on 4/22. At The Artist Tree, we promote sustainability through our wide selection of eco-friendly brands that reduce their impact on the environment. Below are our favorite earth conscious products to help you be green while going green.

WYLD, a customer favorite edible brand, is also leading the industry standard on environmental sustainability. With a wide variety of natural flavors and dosage ratios, not only can you dose with a dependable edible, you can also rest assured that you are consuming a product doing their part to relieve their ecological footprint.  WYLD is climate neutral certified, has compostable packaging, and frequently does community outreach to help improve biodiversity.
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When you smoke Ocean Cannabis products you help clean the ocean. The mission of Ocean Cannabis is to support the cleanup of the world’s oceans and rid them of plastic. The brand’s child-resistant plastic tubes are 100% made from plastic that has been reclaimed and recycledfrom the ocean. Each product represents the equivalent of 15 straws from the ocean! Support clean oceans by trying one of Ocean’s vape or preroll products.

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Lowell has artisanal cannabis products that are sustainable and natural from seed to sale. The glass tubes that hold their prerolls are 100% recyclable, made with 100% natural materials and are BPA free. As one of the few cannabis brands vocally committed to sustainable packaging, Lowell Smokes uses materials that are nearly 100% recyclable and food-grade safe. The magnets on their pre-roll packs are also upcycled.

All the water used in Pure Beauty’s cultivation is collected from the air – it is not pulled from California’s water tap. They also boast zero runoff and donate all used soil to public parks in the surrounding areas. These thoughtful cultivation practices and the good energy surrounding the flower in their life cycle create robust terpene profiles. When you smoke Pure Beauty, you can feel good about helping Mother Earth, while the flower’s potent effects will help you understand the world in a different way.

Enjoy your cannabis smoking routine while also promoting clean air quality. Philter’s unique smoke filters are made to protect Mother Earth, allowing cannabis consumers to enjoy smoking without releasing intrusive smoke into the atmosphere. Each Phliter PHREND product includes a packaging sleeve made of biodegradable eco-friendly seed paper. When the paper is planted, the seeds grow into wildflowers and the paper composts away. Each filter is also fully biodegradable with a reusable aluminum vessel.

Go Green by Growing Your Own
Want to start your own organic garden? Take a shot at growing your own bud. At The Artist Tree in Fresno, we offer a wide selection of seeds and clones from Purple City Genetics, a company known for cultivating California’s best cannabis phenotypes. Pick up a clone and ask our team for their expert tips on how to grow your own stash of high-quality buds. 

Where to Shop
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