Tony at his studio in Ventura, CA

Tony at his studio in Ventura, CA

The Artist Tree had the pleasure of sitting down with the artist Tony Smith, whose work is currently on display at The Artist Tree Dispensary Oxnard. Tony is an extraordinary painter who has been perfecting his craft from a very young age. As a child, he began to draw as a way to pass time while he was ill and realized he had a natural talent that needed to be nurtured.  In adulthood, he became a graphic artist while managing a graphics art department but the structure of this role didn’t allow him full expression of his creativity.

At the age of 30, Tony decided to begin painting as a form of creative expression, but then took a break and didn’t paint for roughly 25 years. However, the desire to create never left Tony. After a long break, he found himself refreshed, energized and ready to pick up a paintbrush again. In Tony’s words, “It’s like I remembered this is what I wanted to do many years ago and got right back to it.” So, after a lifetime of creating, in 2020 Tony decided to really focus all his efforts on oil paintings.

While oil painting, Tony likes to work on two or three pieces at a time, rotating as one dries. “I want to keep painting and oil takes so long to dry.” His beautiful home makes for the perfect hideaway to create. When describing his art, Tony says it is a  journey to portray his soul and interests on canvas. Featuring vibrant portraits of everything from historical figures, musicians and his wife, Tonys allows the viewer to take a look into his life and feel a sense of connection.  “My art is about passion, emotion, and special moments. I want people to look at my pieces and see something familiar but feel something new.” 

You can view and purchase Tony’s art through The Artist Tree Oxnard as well as on his website.

Stop by our Oxnard location to view some of Tony’s inspiring works.