The Artist Tree team has been working hard to bring you the fourth Artist Tree location in Riverside California! Located at 240 Iowa Ave, The Artist Tree is honored to be the first fully licensed dispensary to get through the competitive application process and operate legally in Riverside County.

The Artist Tree Riverside

Along with our next-level selection of products, we’ve spotlighted some incredible Riverside based artists for the first gallery exhibition at our cannabis store – Mike Sedano & Deladeso. Their art is showcased alongside art by Bioworkz, an artist you may recognize from previous exhibits at the West Hollywood Artist Tree. Check out who’s on display at our new Riverside location: 

Mike Sedano is a Riverside based artist who finds inspiration in everyday life. His art often showcases pop culture imagery with his own twist as well as his signature raccoon, which can be seen in two works at The Artist Tree Riverside. Why the raccoon motif? In Sedano’s words, “I recycle art. I take one person’s trash and make it into someone else’s treasure.” 

The Artist Tree Dispensary

Deladeso is the art persona created by Richie Velazquez. Based out of Riverside, California, he has been developing his Digital Death and Grime art aesthetic since 2012. His past work includes projects that range from digital video to illustrations, to collaborations, to merchandise, to physical installations.  Prior collaborations include music videos by Getter and Randall Kirk II, branded campaigns, and experiential content with Pabst Blue Ribbon, Samsung, and General Mills’ Fruit Gushers in collaboration with Slushcult. Artists have praised Deladeso’s unique “grime style” of retouching pop art images with colorful and whimsical accents of colorful animated grime, which, according to Richie, is inspired by “the grime of the city” that defined much of his experience growing up in Riverside, CA.

Bioworkz aka Ben Kwok is a Los Angeles artist who creates intricate biomechanical illustrations. Born in Taiwan and raised in Los Angeles, Bioworkz has been drawing hyper detailed artwork for as long as he can remember. Kwok created the Bioworkz moniker because his art is heavily influenced by the infatuating, biomechanical, mecha-organic work of H.R. Giger. In Kwok’s own words, he strives to pull in viewers and “hold them hostage” so that each image will unfold into greater details while viewers study the many intricacies of his works. The Bioworkz pieces on display at The Artist Tree feature a variety of animals, such as Rabbit, Fennec Fox, Sea Turtle, and Moths. In addition to his many drawings, Bioworkz also loves designing tattoo art.

We believe in an innate tie between art & cannabis. Since we have the cannabis covered, we want to make sure our Artists are too. That’s why the artists get 100% of the profits made from any piece sold at any Artist Tree.

The Artist Tree Riverside

We are honored to have our marijuana dispensary welcomed so warmly into the Riverside community. Whether you’re popping in for something to smoke after conquering Mount Rubidoux, wanting an edible to spice up a movie at Van Buren Drive-In Theatre, or finding a citrusy bud to smoke after spending all day at the Citrus State Park, The Artist Tree is now here for you, Riverside!