It’s summer time in SoCal, and the living’s easy. Whether you’re heading to a concert or out for a quiet day at the beach, The Artist Tree has everything you need to elevate in style all summer long. Here are our top 5 product picks to tote around in the sun for an epic Pot Girl (or Guy) Summer.

Trying to pour up but stay Cali sober? Pamos is the perfect solution to indulge. Their Mai Tai ready to drink THC cocktail delivers on flavor and potency making it the perfect beverage to slowly sip or share with your friends. Just pour over ice,  add your favorite garnish, and you’re ready to go! Is 100mg too much? No problem, Pamos has a variety of cocktails with different THC potency to suit all levels of cannabis consumers.

There’s nothing worse than when cramps interfere with your summer plans! Hello Again has an easy and discreet solution to help offer relief. Their vaginal suppositories are formulated with cannabis and natural botanicals to fight cramps, ease pain, balance mood, and find focus. Never miss brunch or festivities again.

Want to elevate discreetly? Protab offers all the benefits of THC in a small and discreet sublingual. Simply place the tablet on your tongue, let it dissolve, and enjoy the ride! Perfect for elevating at concerts or events where discretion is necessary. The effects set in rapidly without the smoke or frustration of combustible cannabis. They’re also a great way to dose for those looking to avoid the sugar intake that typically comes from edibles.

Wow, do these pack a lot of flavor! Alien Labs delivers on the perfect disposable vape to take on your summer adventures. Don’t worry about your battery running out at the worst time. These disposables don’t need to be charged and deliver on the power and potency we’ve come to expect from Alien Labs. They also have a very cool and innovative design that is sure to turn heads.

At The Artist Tree, flower is our passion. Going on a walk and need the perfect pre-roll? These small and mighty pre-rolls from StIIzy are setting the standard with high potency and premium cannabis. Coated in kief and infused with live resin, these prerolls will do the trick every time. The unique flavoring, smooth inhale, high potency and long-lasting high deliver the perfect smoking experience.