At The Studio Lounge, we’re constantly striving to provide cannabis lovers with the newest devices and experiences. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce OOKA, the world’s first charcoal-free, hookah-adjacent device with pod technology that vaporizes cannabis flower without burning it.

Traditional hookahs have a long and rich history that can be traced back to India where they were used to smoke tobacco and other herbs. Today hookahs are enjoyed by people all over the world and with OOKA’s cutting-edge technology, you can now experience these rich vapors with a cannabis twist.

So, what is an OOKA anyway?
OOKA is a new brand and smoking device that delivers an innovative way to enjoy cannabis. With OOKA’s stylish new devices, you get cutting-edge, heat-not-burn technology for use with the company’s innovative seven9 pods. Instead of charcoal, you just pop in a pod for an enjoyable smoking experience without any inconvenience or mess. OOKA pods give you a full high without compromising the flavor. There are plenty of THC ratios to choose from along with live resin-infused pods, giving you the ability to choose your high.

How does The Studio Lounge at The Artist Tree OOKA?
To get the full OOKA experience, we recommend stopping by our cozy cannabis lounge in West Hollywood every Saturday in August from 12 – 4pm where guests can try a complimentary OOKA for a limited time. Come solo or roll through with some friends and be treated to an afternoon of cannabis delights available for order tableside.

If you get hungry, we have plenty of food and snack options for a long OOKA sesh. Feeling thirsty? Indulge in a cannabis cocktail, kick back, and enjoy the ride! Click here to RSVP and secure your spot during the month of August.

How to Choose Your OOKA
Potent, delicious, and premium. For each of these exceptional pods, OOKA utilizes the purest ingredients. You also have the option to choose an infused pod, which infuses high-THC whole flower with live resin to create an experience with more of a punch. Available in sativa, indica, and hybrid, these strain-specific pods have a balanced, flower-forward flavor that purists will enjoy morning, noon, and night.

The following flavors are available at The Studio Lounge:

  • Sativa Super Lemon Haze (Infused)
    Get lifted with this delicious terpene-rich sativa. Containing whole premium flower infused with extract, these strain-specific, potent pods have a vibrant effect that’s great for creativity and boosting your mood.
  • Indica Forbidden Fruit (Infused)
    Relax and unwind with this delicious terpene-rich indica. Containing whole premium flower infused with extract, our potent strain-specific indica pods are great for staying in, zoning out, and chilling with friends.
  • Hybrid Orange Creamsicle (Infused)
    Find balance in your routine with our delicious terpene-rich infused hybrid. We use whole premium strain-specific flower for optimal potency, creating an experience that helps you chill out while staying in the moment.
  • No Worries 8:1 Ratio
    Smile and watch your worries melt away with this flavorful hybrid pod. Combining premium CBD-rich flower, low-level THC, and a special blend of terpenes, you’ll enjoy a consistent,
    easy-going experience with a lightweight hit of calm and relaxation.
  • Get Zen 1:1 Ratio
    Settle your mind and cruise into a heightened sense of chill and calm. With precise consistency and dosage, this mellow pod has a rich flavor, sweet fragrance and the perfect mix of CBD and THC. It’s a zen’d-out treat for all occasions.
  • Zone In 3:1 Ratio
    Whether you’re sparking conversation or looking for a spark of creativity, this pod will help you feel centered and focused. Offering up a smooth, consistent dosage with premium CBD-forward flower, you’ll enjoy a full-spectrum high that’s bright, balanced, and uplifting.
  • Sativa Happy Hour (High THC)
    Get lifted on this mood-enhancing blend of premium sativa flower balanced with soothing CBG and a special blend of delicious terpenes. This vibrant pod offers up a consistent dosage that’s perfect for those days you want to cut loose, unlock your creativity, and share ideas with those around you
  • Indica Just Vibe (High THC)
    Slow down and unwind with this euphoric blend of premium indica flower and vibrant terpenes. Smooth, potent, and consistent with every session, this feel-good pod is excellent for chilling with friends and relaxing on the couch.

Ready to give it a try?
Pass the OOKA runs every Saturday from 12 – 4 pm at The Studio Lounge in West Hollywood. RSVP to secure your spot. Already have a device? You can also purchase OOKA X seven9 pods in our retail store. Check out the menu here.